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At the End of the Day It’s All About the Food

Our partners to New England’s seasonal outdoor pantry – cranberry growers, dairy and meat farmers, crop producers, edible flower stands and the ocean – establish the rhythm of change in our kitchen. Chef Greg’s ‘rustic meets refined’ menus are continually reinvented as nature takes us through these harvest cycles and our region’s climate changes.

If you don’t see a repeat dish that you enjoyed from your last visit, it’s likely that Chef felt that an ingredient was no longer at its peak of flavor. So he invites you to enjoy new dishes that meet this standard. For guests with sensitivity to gluten or other allergies, you will find us to be attentive to your comfort and safety.

Award of Excellence: A South Shore Distinction

To quote Wine Spectator: “Today’s wine world is all about diversity, matching the best of tradition with the adventurous tastes of a new generation of wine lovers.” The ‘Award of Excellence’ is national recognition that distinguishes The Quarry’s wine collection for its breadth of quality producers, along with the vintages that complement our menu at accessible prices. Cheers!

Our Team