Quarry Rum Punch
Quarry rustic stone lounge
Quarry main dining room
Quarry stovetop brussel sprouts
Quarry front dining room

Sometimes being watchful and listening in stillness reveals the path of a meaningful journey. If you’re lucky, you will have the reward of sharing the adventure with others.
The inspiration for The Quarry began at this very spot two centuries ago. Generations of miners applied ingenuity and fortitude, combined them with nature’s unspoiled materials of earth and water, and built a legacy.
They showed us to respect what New England provides as ingredients. And so we honor that philosophy by cooking with restraint, sharing the heritage of cocktails or wines, and enjoying this landscape with you. This is the essence of what we proudly present to you today.

The Quarry

Where Rustic Meets Refined Began.

As you arrive to The Quarry, look and listen.

Winds whisper through the grove of birch, elms and maples, standing tall as if to guard the quarry pond, glistening in its stillness. Our granite building, a modest yet prized landmark, an ageless home to centuries of industry and ingenuity.

It is a unique place that demands continuity and inspires what we do every day.

Step inside to find an interior that is practical and understated – upcycled wrought iron wagon wheels recast as chandeliers illuminate a sectioned dining…